The Magnetic Draw Of Fethiye Fish Market

Fethiye fish market; one of the town’s most famous tourist attractions, a popular night out, a lunching spot for lots of locals – and also one of the favorite places for doing food shopping, too. Yes, Fethiye fish market and the surrounding shops and stalls have a special draw for everyone.

  We’re not recommending specific restaurants inside the fish market. Everyone you speak to has their own personal favorite so you can take advice from others or just go for a walk around and choose your own. We will, however, give one little tip if you’ve never been before and you want to try it: choose your restaurant first.

  • There will be waiters stood outside each place trying to talk you into their restaurant. Choose where you want to go (the cooking, salad and bread price is the same in each restaurant), sort your table and then go to choose your fish, prawns and even Calamari. Buying and cooking prawns and calamaries brings the bill down a bit. Pay for them and tell the fishmonger which restaurant you are sitting at. They will clean your order and take it to the restaurant for you.
  • In the meantime, you can choose meze dishes from the fridges in the restaurant and order drinks. Watch out for alcohol drinks, they can be quite expensive.
  • Some of the bigger restaurants are starting to put fish on their menus, meaning you can just go and sit down, order from the menu or fridges and eat, skipping the market altogether. Personally, we recommend to choose your own from the market. It’s all part of the Fethiye fish market experience and there are loads of other specialist seafood restaurants around Fethiye where you can just sit down to eat.
  • If you are desperate to visit the fish market in Fethiye and you are with people who just don’t do seafood, it’s perfectly okay for them to buy meat from the butchers and pass it on to your chosen restaurant to cook. Some of the bigger restaurants also have a separate menu where you can order other non-seafood meals, including vegetarian dishes.
  • If you are ordering prawns and don’t want them to be cooked in their shell, ask the fishmonger to clean them for you as the restaurants often don’t have time.
  • A lot of people say Fethiye fish market is expensive. Yes, you can soon rack up the lira if you are eating lots of meze (especially seafood meze), various courses – and drinking wine or rakı – but it is no more expensive than other seafood restaurants around Fethiye. Ask the drinks prices if you’re on a budget – alcohol prices in Turkey are not bargain basement and it’s these that often bump up the bill.
  • You can make Fethiye fish market even cheaper than restaurants if you are just there for a simple fish dish with salad and bread. Don’t forget, you are buying your fish at market price, not restaurant price and the price for cooking your dish is around £2.00 per head, per course.
  • And whenever we go to any of the Fethiye fish market restaurants – everyone has their favourite ‘go to’ places to eat – it’s the same story every time. We order far too many meze dishes from the fridges and we buy far too many king prawns and end up absolutely full to the brim.
  • What starts of as full appreciation of every morsel that passes our lips, later becomes please-take-this-food-away-from-me. But, this only happens once a year or so, so it’s not too much over-indulgence is it?

You definitely love it!!